One Year

Winning the Talent Wars (1 year)

Employers are facing more severe talent shortages than any time since we at RainmakerThinking began our workplace research in 1993. While the particulars differ by geography, industry, skill specialization, and rank in the organizational hierarchy, the evidence of talent shortages is widespread: - Voluntary unplanned turnover—the ‘quit rate’—is increasing - Pent-up departure demand—the ‘want to quit rate’—is also increasing - Open-position and time-to-hire rates are increasing - Early voluntary departure of new hires—less than eighteen months—is increasing In this course, Bruce Tulgan breaks down the top causes and costs of employee turnover in 2021, and what employers can do to improve their hiring and retention in this new normal.

  • White Paper: Winning the Talent Wars, 2021-2022 Edition
  • Costs and Causes of Today's Talent Wars
  • Hiring Challenges in 2021: Short-Term and Long-Term Factors
  • The Five Costs of Today's Talent Wars
  • Top Causes of Voluntary Employee Turnover in 2021
  • What's Your Employer Value Proposition?
  • Define Your Employer Value Proposition: Part 1
  • Define Your Employer Value Proposition: Part 2
  • Improve the Quality of Your Candidates
  • How to Build a Robust Staffing Supply Chain
  • When Hiring, Be Very Selective
  • Set People Up for Success
  • Stay in Dialogue with New Hires Before Day One
  • Structure Training and Onboarding for New Employees
  • Turn Your Managers into Chief Retention Officers
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